‘A Place to be Proud’ Awards 2016


So if the BVA Mentoring Programme wasn’t success enough with getting 8 of our young people to climb Mount Snowdon, completely smashing the target set out to raise money for Basingstoke Young Carers, and not only being nominated for the ‘A Place to be Proud’ Awards, to make it to the three finalists and win the category of Best Community Project, I mean, what more could you ask for.

That’s right the BVA Mentoring Programme was not only nominated for the Best Community Project, but took home the trophy! We also got to share this experience with some of Winnersour Mentoring champions. The moment the team walked through the door and was handed the brochure with all the extremely respectable nominees in there, there was little hope around the team. Up against the best of the best and with the largest number of nominees for any category the competition was tough.

As the award ceremony proceeded on and the category for Best Community Project Award was announced the team were thrilled to see that the BVA Mentoring Programme had made it into the top three finalists. When the team were announced as one of the finalists they were by far the loudest nominees in the house. It took a moment to open the envelope and this voice spanned across the room ‘And the winner is, and this is not for their enthusiastic applause, the BVA Mentoring Programme.’

The team stood up in a brief moment of realisation and walked across the stage to receive their award. After a sweet speech of appreciation from the BVA Mentoring Lead Vince Parkes followed an even bigger and movingcommunity-project-BVA-300x200 thank you from one of our young people. He explained to everyone in the room that if it wasn’t for Vince and this programme, he would have never found the strength to separate himself from his former life and be moving forward today in a new one. After a quick few snaps and celebratory canapés all cooked and presented by the fabulous students of BCoT College, it was time to reflect again on all the positives from the BVA Mentoring Programme and it’s impact in the community.

This programme has not only provided some direction, its also implemented the understanding and reasoning for antisocial behaviour. By supplying strategies our young people now think twice in how they react in antisocial situations and how this may look to others. With a carefully designed programme, a very high goal for all to climb Mount Snowdon and then an outcome of winning the best Community Project Award at the ‘Place to be Proud of Awards’ it’s been one hell of a ride and it all began with a man who had a vision to suppport the youth of today, Vince Parkes.

Winning Group.

“You’ve all faced some kind of challenge in your lives, and today is just another challenge.”   

Vince Parkes – 6th April 2016

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