Alive and Kicking

Bramley LogoBOOM! We are completely back in action and up and running as per normal. We are so happy to big up the move from Monday evenings to Thursday evenings as not only have we seen the familiar faces of our BYC Champions, but we’ve also seen a handful of newbies who are settling in great. Without these young people we wouldn’t have a action packed, fun filled programme week by week and the more the meBird feedersrrier. So if you’re still on the fence about whom we are or what we do then head over to our facebook page for more information regarding all our activities and updates.

This month, BYC took to nature and produced their very own ‘Bird Feeders’ by recycling old plastic bottles. With a little bird seed, decoration and string, we have over 15 bird feeders hanging up all around Bramley. So get out the binoculars and get bird spotting. All the inforbdfmation regarding how to make your own bird feeder can be found on the RSPB website, so get involved and let us know how you get along creating your own bird feeder through our facebook page.

We have also been outside and utilising our surroundings with games like capture the flag, taking the skateboard out for a spin and let’s not forget the fabulous popular Basket Ball Project. This is just some of the many outdoor activities which are going on at BYC and the upcoming months are just as packed and buzzing with activities. This month there is going to be very special guests which we have invited along to BYC to teach, encourage and inspire our young people to try something new. For the upcoming activities at BYC please see below:

23rd June – Football Project

30th June – Garden Project #2

7th July – Lazar Quest

14th July – Graffiti Work Shop

21st July – Outdoor Games

28th July – Fluid Motion (Theatre Company)

4th August – Gold Rush

11th August – BYC OLYMPIC games

18th august – The Ultimate Water Fight

25TH August – BYC Summer Party

Just before we leave here’s a little cheeky game for you all, a little game of Spot the Difference! If you can spot the difference then circle your finding and you will be rewarded with a luxurious treat from our favourite tuck shop. There is only 1 obvious difference, once you have spotted this then circle that bit only and bring this along with you to youth club on Thursday between 6-8pm @Clift Meadow to claim your prize. Look forward to seeing you all there soon 🙂

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