BVA’s Music Jamming Session is Back!

musicquotesThat’s right everyone, you’ve heard correct. The Music Jam is back and bigger than ever. After a brief holiday the Music Jam has been redesigned and re-established for you all, and it’s going to be AMAZING!  Let’s talk details 😀

First and most important the Music Jamming session will now be held on a Monday Evening therefore this new session is now known as the Monday Music Jam or MMJ for short.

The MMJ will be running for now at least one Monday every single month starting on Monday the 23rd May 2016 from 6.30-8.30pm. For all other dates regarding when the MMJ is running, follow the link to the Get MADE facebook page.

Now let’s talk location. Previously this session was held in our Youth Suite, however since this area has now become the extremely new and brilliant Orchard Cafe we moved locations and you will not be disappointed. The new location not only has access to musical instruments and amplifiers, but also musical and recording equipment. It’s right in the centre of Basingstoke Town and is known for its purple boarders, acquired taste in music and as a venue for all. Have you figured it out yet? If you were thinking ‘SANCTUARY’ you are correct!

We are looking for young people aged between 16-25 who want to develop themselves musically, make a mix tape and get a chance to perform on stage at a real and popular music festival, Basingstoke Live! For now the MMJ is an open mic night session where you can let your creativity flow, meet like minded people and develop your talent. These jamming sessions will provide you with a chance to enjoy playing, singing, rapping, writing, mixing and/or producing music.

If this sounds like you then get involved. For more information regarding the MMJ project please head over to our facebook page for more information or contact either Vince Parkes on 07473966724 or Jason Whiting 07473987231.

The Youth Team 🙂

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