Reshuffled, Refreshed and Ready!

Reshuffled, Refreshed and Ready

If you haven’t already heard, we in the BVA Youth Team office have all had a slight reshuffle and we are now refreshed, settled and ready to rock another year of Youth Work. So let’s talk about who’s where and what they will now be doing. Plus if your new to the site here’s a quick ‘getting to know us’ spec for you all.

Ed Ives.Wara PhotoLet’s start at the top. If you’ve been involved with any BVA projects before then you properly already know this name and face. Ed Ives-Wara has been upgraded and relabelled as our Head of Business Development not only for the Youth Team, but BVA and The Orchard. Although Ed’s time may no longer be solely dedicated to the Youth Team, he is still the underlining silent witness to our team and his experience and knowledge is very much still valid and regularly required.

Moving through the team we have our glorious YSS Youth Workers. Vince Parkes is not only a Youth Vince ParkesWorker; he is also the Lead on our extremely successful mentoring programme. If you haven’t already read the most recent article about Our Trip to Snowdon, then follow the link for more information. Vince has been a part of our Youth Team for 4 years and will be working in our Winklebury Health and Wellbeing POD every Wednesday. Vince can also be spotted out and about on Detached Session across Basingstoke and Deane with the other YSS Youth Worker, Jason Whiting.

Jason WhitingJason (or as we know him, Jay) is another veteran of the team also clocking his 4th year with BVA. Jay came from working with Andover Young Carers and through the Rookesdown Youth Project and is a valid member of the YSS Youth Team working in the Winklebury Health and Wellbeing POD and getting to know you all on Detached Sessions. If you’re unsure what ‘Detached’ means then click here to get the breakdown of what detached work involves. Both Jay and Vince started as volunteers in the Youth Team before becoming full time members of the team.

Moving away from the YSS Youth Team for a moment, let’s talk Basingstoke Young Carers.  You may have heard recently that the Hampshire Young Carers were given a delightful pot of funding from The Big Lottery Funding meaning that Basingstoke Young Carers has seen a team increase from a solo individual to three staffing members.

Once again starting at the top, the new Basingstoke Young Carers (BYC) Manager is the wonderful Jan NeighbourJan Neighbour. Jan has been involved with Young Carers for 3 years, after moving across from the Youth Team also dating back 5 years. For the last year Jan has been single handily been running Basingstoke Young Carers but that’s all changed. Jan now has the support of an Activities Worker and a Family Support Worker, easing the load and providing more support for Basingstoke Young Carers.

Lee GorehamThe new Activities Worker and Project Worker for the Youth Team is the one and only Lee Goreham. Lee is 4th and finally member of the team ticking another 5 year box for the team. Between these four so far there is a combined total of 18 years experience in Youth Worker. Alongside his Activities Worker title sits Project Worker; Lee is now working with our Youth Clubs, and continuing his amazing work with a new batch of funding to run another successful Ski Project. Stay tuned for more info 🙂

Working alongside Lee in Projects and the new Family Support worker for BYC is thRoxy Millse newest member of the team Roxy Mills. Roxy has been a part of the team since October of last year and has been involved in many different projects, POD’s and detached work across Basingstoke and Deane. Roxy will also still from time to time be helping out the YSS Team and also supporting in the mentoring project.

And there you have it, the newly reshuffled, refreshed and ready BVA Youth Team. If you didn’t already know we have a ton of different projects, sessions and programmes either in the pipelines or already running. For more information about our services and what we are running at what time then head over to our BVA Youth Services on facebook.

The Youth Team 😀


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